BoP Donates US Dollars 250,000 for Family Centers in Gaza

Bank of Palestine donated USD 250,000 to support the children of Gaza through building family centers in cooperation with UNICEF.


The donation ceremony took place at the General Management building in Gaza with the presence of Mr. Hashim Shawa, Chairman & General Manager of BoP, Mr. Douglas Hegiz, Deputy Representative of UNICEF in the Palestinian Territories , and Mr. John Ging, Director of United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) Operations in the Gaza Strip.


Family Centers are built to provide children with safe environment that enables them to recover from the impact of the last war on Gaza.


During his speech, Mr. Shawa clarified that BoP started to think carefully of how to contribute to ease the pain of the children of Gaza after the last war and the massive destruction it left. Our first step, ‘ he said’, was launching a marketing campaign “For the Children of Gaza” in which the bank donates one US dollar for each buying transaction on credit and debit through BOP’s 3,000 points of sale. Furthermore, Bank of Palestine signed a historic partnership agreement with UNICEF to donate at least USD 250,000 to establish Family Canters in Gaza and provide help in different fields; e.g., remedial, health, social, and psychological.


On the otherhand, Mr. Hegiz thanked the Bank for his generous support adding that it’s the first time for the UNICEF to partner with banking sector.


Mr. John Ging added that Bop has a major role in supporting all the Palestinian sectors hoping that all institutions follow BOP in their social responsibility.


At the end of the celebration the donation cheque was handed to Mr. Douglas Hegiz.

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