Gaza Give Association and Bank of Palestine Distributed Monthly Sponsorships of Orphans Before Eid Al-Fitr

Gaza Volunteer Efforts Society for Fast Relief “Gaza Give Association” distributed today orphans sponsorships for 68 orphans sponsored by Gaza Give Association and Bank of Palestine. Each orphan was given USD 100 with a total value of USD 8,000.


Dr. Dina Abu Sha'ban, Vise President of the Society, Mrs. Abeer Abu Shahla , Executive Director of the Society, Mr. Amr Sarraj, Assistant Head of Public Relations Division of BoP, and Mr. Khaldun Abu Saleem, Public Relations Officer supervised the distribution.


Dr. Dina Abu Shaban said that this distribution comes during the last ten days of Ramadan as an initiative from Gaza Give Association family to bring joy and happiness to the hearts of orphans. This sponsorship, she said, enables them to buy Eid clothing like all other kids.


Mr. Sarraj clarified that this distribution is the second part of BoP’s grant for orphans which is carried out by Gaza Give Association through distributing food parcels to needy families and sponsoring dozens of orphans. This sponsorship falls under the social responsibility policy of the Bank.


Mrs. Rjaa` Abu Ghazala, Chairman of the Board of the Society, thanked BoP’s management for this kind gesture.


This is the second cooperation between Gaza Give Association and Bank of Palestine; a humanitarian campaign titled ‘Peace Relief Campaign’ was carried out previously with a value of USD 50,000 to help people affected by an Israeli attack on northern Gaza Strip.

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