Bank of Palestine Opens a Branch in Hebron


Bank of Palestine has opened its 44th branch in the city of Hebron and was sponsored by the Prime Minister Mr. Salam Fayyad and the presence of many officials from the government, businessmen, and from the financial sector.

Mr. Shawa announced that even with the harsh conditions the country is facing, the bank continues to expand and provide its services to the public in all of the country’s provinces, especially in the rural areas with high standards and quality. With this new branch, the bank has 44 branches and offices spread throughout the country.

Mr. Salam Fayyad added in his speech that opening branches enhances investment and banking services. He also added that this action is a part of building an efficient and professional country.    

 Mr. Jihad Al Wazir’s, “ The Governor of PMA”, from his part commented on this subject, saying  that  opening new branches is part of the expansion and development which characterized the banking sector in Palestine, noting that in the past 2 years, there has been 91 branches opened from several banks. He also added that these expansions and evaluations are pointing to the readiness of the PMA to become the Central Bank of Palestine. He also stated that International Monetary Fund has also said that the PMA is ready to become the Central Bank of Palestine for its efficiency and high professionalism and its success in controlling the Palestinian banking sector.


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