Bank of Palestine welcomes diaspora youth delegations with Go Palestine and Know Thy Heritage



Staff at the Bank of Palestine head office in Ramallah welcomed a youth delegation, made of 41 students, from the Palestinian Diaspora, who are participating in "Know Thy Heritage", a cultural program sponsored by Bank of Palestine a number of other Palestinian companies. The bank also welcomed a Diaspora youth delegation, "Go Palestine 55" within a summer camp organized by Friends Boys School, in order to learn about the main components of the Palestinian economy. Hashim Shawa, chairman and general manager of BoP, in addition to a number of department heads, received the delegations.

During the meetings with the delegations, a BoP team gave a presentation about the bank's history, and challenges faced, ever since its inception in 1960, and the success it has achieved despite all economic and political hardships. The bank was able to expand throughout the country with 47 branches and offices, more than 100 ATMs, and two subsidiary companies; PalPay for electronic payments and Alwasata Securities. The presentation also introduced BoP's Diaspora Unit, which was established in order to facilitate communications with Palestinians in the Diaspora and to help them invest in the country. Shawa discussed with the participants their responsibility in representing Palestine abroad and in changing the stereotypical images of Palestinians.

BoP was the main sponsor for "Know Thy Heritage", along with a number of donors in Palestine and the USA. By sponsoring and hosting Diaspora youth delegations, BoP aims to create a framework for communication and cultural exchange with these young people, and to introduce them to their homeland and involve them in the process of building it.

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