Bank of Palestine sponsors cultural festivals in cities around Palestine



As part of its approach to supporting cultural heritage events within its Corporate Social Responsibility commitments, Bank of Palestine sponsored a series of cultural heritage festivals in several Palestinian cities in an effort to elevate the role that Palestinian culture plays in social, economic and political life. BoP further believes in the importance of reviving Palestinian culture, heritage and history, and in preserving our national identity for future generations. The festivals, which were attended by about 100,000 visitors, were held in Jerusalem ("Jerusalmite Summer Nights", Tulkarem ("Wadi Alshaeer"), and in Tubas ("Zababdeh Festival").

Wadi Alshaeer:

Wadi Alshaeer (Valley of the Barley) falls between Tulkarem and Nables, and is known for a range of social, economic, demographic and cultural characteristics, making it a center for interaction between the Palestinian coast, inland mountains, countryside and urban centers. The two-day festival included local artistic, musical, poetic and dance performances.

Jerusalmite Summer Nights

In Jerusalem, the fourth "Jerusalmite Summer Nights" festival, organized by the Cultural Forum Centre in Beit Anan, was attended by large crowds, including a number of distinguished national figures, leaders and academics. The festival was inaugurated with an embroidery exhibition and included a number of cultural and artistic activities.

Zababdeh Festival

In Tubas, the fourth Zababdeh Festival for Tourism, Culture and Arts concluded with two performances by two local bands from Ramallah and Ableen. The performances showed various scenes from the Palestinian heritage, and were performed by a range of children and youth. A number of Palestinian, Arab, and foreign folkloric bands were also part of the festival, in addition to poetic, musical, and theatrical performances addressing a range of national, cultural and social issues.

The festival was mainly sponsored by Bank of Palestine, in addition to Nazih Alkhalil, AlWataniya Movile, in addition to a number of other sponsors in Jenin. In 2012 and 2011, Bank of Palestine sponsored more than 40 festivals, exhibitions and events related to Palestinian culture and heritage, including "Wein A Ramallah", "Beirzeit Nights", "Al-Bereh Cultural festival", and "Palestine International Festival."

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