Bank of Palestine Launches Campaign to Support Palestinian Singer Mohammad Assaf in Arab Idol

Bank of Palestine launched a special campaign to support the Palestinian singer Mohammad Assaf who is taking part in Arab Idol program aired on MBC 1. The campaign aims to encourage the Palestinian public to vote for Assaf through mobile telecommunication companies under the title of “Your Vote and the Vote of the Bank of Palestine Make Two Votes.” Bank of Palestine will contribute with 100,000 votes every week and with about 130,000 votes in the finals of the program.

Bank of Palestine has stepped up its campaign through different printed and audio-visual media, social networks and ATM ads. Moreover, the Bank sponsored the screening of 2 Arab Idol concerts at Al-Manara Square in downtown Ramallah last Friday and Saturday. The screening was attended by a large public assembly and supports. Through participation in Arab Idol, Assaf has indeed succeeded in creating public interaction in the Palestinian streets.

Bank of Palestinian sponsorship of these various art activities including support to Assaf is a clear manifestation of the bank’s vision to develop cultural awareness and appreciation, raise artistic level and enhance Palestinian are participation on the Arab world level.

Through his distinguished performance and mellifluous voice in Arab Idol, Assaf succeeded in garnering both the praise and votes of people everywhere that social networks filled with laudable comments on Assaf.  

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