Bank of Palestine, Welfare Association and Birzeit University Celebrate Consignment of First University Professor to Columbia University as Part of the Fellowship Program




Bank of Palestine, Welfare Association and Birzeit University signed a memorandum celebrating the one-academic-year consignment of Law Professor Dr Khaled Talahme from Birzeit University to Columbia University as part of the Fellowship Program.

The Fellowship Program aims to consign qualified professors and lecturers to visits prestigious higher education institutions or financial, banking or investment organizations abroad for one academic semester or year. The program also aims to develop the practical expertise of visiting professors required for educational development in Palestine. Upon their return visiting professor will engage in teaching and helping students acquire necessary capabilities and skills that will enable them to engage in the labor market and meet the needs of skilled manpower in several areas including finance, banking, economy, law and technology.

For his part, Chairman of the Board and General Manager of Bank of Palestine Mr Hashim Al-Shawa stated that Fellowship Program is a long-term national academic partnership initiated by Birzeit University, the cradle of science and culture in Palestine, that later expanded to encompass other Palestinian universities. He added that the Fellowship Program will allocate USD 100,000 annually for five years for the development of Birzeit University academic staff. This support, Mr Al-Shawa added, is part of Bank of Palestine social responsibility and its contribution to the development and advancement of the Palestinian society. Part of the Fellowship Program, Bank of Palestine will offer USD 2 million, which Welfare Association manages through communication with universities and educational centers overseas. Moreover, as part of Bank of Palestine social responsibility, it will allocate 5% of its net profit to the Palestinian society.

President of Birzeit University Dr Khalil Hindi extolled the leading role of Bank of Palestine toward the Palestinian community in general and the Palestinian universities in particular. He said, “This initiative constitutes a milestone in the relationship of the private and public sectors and academic institutions, as well as in the course of efforts to raise funds made by the universities.” Dr Hindi added, “Unquestionably, raising the educational and research capabilities of our academic staff is one of the critical factors of academic development,” referring at the same time to the importance of linking academia and the business and modern technology communities, as well as the importance of the latest global achievements and expertise after the long hiatus imposed by the political and economic conditions in Palestine.

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