For the second year in a row, Bank of Palestine is awarded with “The Best Bank in Palestine” and “The Fastest Growing Bank in Palestine” by CPI Financial/Banker Middle East foundation



For the second year in a row, CPI Financial/Banker ME awards Bank of Palestine with “The Best Bank in Palestine” and “The Fastest Growing Bank in Palestine”. CPI Financial/ Banker ME studies and analyzes data and indicators’ growth for the financial and banking institutions inside and outside the Middle East, then it spreads the results through various magazines, newspapers, and websites.

The classification was based on BOP’s analysis of financial statements over the past years, indicators of growth, the rapid development of the Bank’s expansion, and the increase in profits, in addition to the Bank’s success in developing and creating many banking and financial services that meet the needs of different segments of the society.

BOP’s General Manager Mr. Hashim Shawa expressed his happiness of these awards; since they reflect the bank’s success in implementing sustainable strategies and providing the best services which meet the needs of all sectors. They also reflect BOP’s vision to build a strong economy and a creative community through supporting the activities of social responsibility of different sectors, building sustainable economy, and promoting sustainable financing principles.

He pointed that the international institutions and organizations’ recognition of Palestinian financial institutions including “Bank of Palestine” represents a high level of performance, activities, and provided services. He also said that Bank of Palestine was awarded with “The Best Bank in Palestine” from different international institutions including; Euromoney, EMEA Finance, Global Finance, and CPI Financial/Banker ME.

He also said that these awards will change the stereotypical image of Palestine and its financial and banking institutions. In addition to that, these awards represent BOP’s excellence in activities that help in developing the Palestinian economy. Finally, he expressed his appreciation of the bank’s staff for their support and assistance in contributing in the development and growth of the Bank.

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