Bank of Palestine and Welfare Association Launch Zamala Program for Academic and Professional Development at Palestine Technical University (Kadoorie)

Bank of Palestine in partnership with Welfare Association and Palestine Technical University “Kadoorie” launched Zamala (Fellowship) Program for Academic and Professional Development. The program is carried out in cooperation with Palestinian universities. Initiated and funded by Bank of Palestine, Zamala Program is implemented by Welfare Association in partnership with Palestinian universities. The launching ceremony was attended by President of Palestine technical University “Kadoorie” Dr Marwan Awartani, Bank of Palestine Deputy General manager Mr Rushdi Ghalayani and Welfare Association General Manager Dr Tafida Al-Jarbawi.

Dr Al-Jarbawi expressed hope the program will continue to achieve its objectives of developing the capabilities of university lecturers, raise the level of university faculty and help them engage in scientific research. She stressed the importance of training and rehabilitating university students so that they can contribute to the process of production and growth, become rapidly involved in the labor market and bridge the gap between higher education sector and its outcomes on the one hand and the labor sector and the need of local and global markets on the other.

For his part, Bank of Palestine Marketing and Public Relations Director Mr Thaer Hamayel made clear the vision of Bank of Palestine aims to support the various academic programs including Zamala Program, which is a quality program designed to develop and upgrade the Palestinian educational cadre who are involved in training and teaching Palestinian students. Mr Hamayel added that 5% of the bank of Palestine net profit has been allocated to support development projects especially in the area of education. He wished the program success in achieving the objectives it envisages.

It is worth noting that Zamala Program for Academic and Professional Development aims to upgrade the quality of higher education and teaching methodologies to meet the labor market needs and requirements as well as with rapid social development. Zamala is considered an important professional development program that aims to upgrade university education efficiency in Palestine by way of promoting and enhancing university teachers’ and lecturers’ expertise in all areas. Zamala was initiated by Bank of Palestine and later included Welfare Association which founded Zamala Fund. Bank of Palestine has noted a contribution of more than USD 2m to support this program for the next five years.

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