Bank of Palestine delivers dialysis equipments to Nasser and Al-Shifa’ hospitals in Gaza


Bank of Palestine delivers dialysis equipments to Gaza’s hospitals. This donation is part of the first phase of a campaign that was launched last year “Gaza is in Our Hearts” the equipments were distributed to Al-Shifaa’ hospital in Gaza, and Nasser hospital in Khan younis, and in the presence of officials from the Ministry of Health in Gaza, Deputy General Manager in BOP Mr. Mamoun Abu Shahlah, Executive management of the Bank, Director of Welfare Association in Gaza, and the administrative staff.

Bank of Palestine donated eight devices; where four of them were given for Al Shifaa’ hospital and another four devices were given for Nasser Hospital, the value of these devices reached about a quarter of a million dollars. These equipments were delivered after only two months of delivering medical supplies for Gaza’s hospitals. These supplies are considered to be the second supplies offered by the Bank, the first medical supplies were immediately offered after the recent war in Gaza, which almost reached USD 100,000$.

Deputy General Manager in BOP Mr. Mamoun Abu Shahlah asserted that this contribution is part of many other BOP’s contributions to strengthen the health sector and social development in Palestine.

Part of BOP’s humanitarian and social responsibility towards our people in Gaza, Bank of Palestine was the first donor for “Gaza is in our hearts” campaign which was launched last year in partnership with Welfare Association. The value of the contribution reached half million dollars.

Finally, officials from Gaza’s hospitals expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the great contribution of BOP, which supports health sector and works on saving the lives of many children.

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