Bank of Palestine exempts Umrah companies from the withheld commissions on Umrah guarantees in the past period due to the suspension of the season in Gaza Strip

Due to its social responsibility and awareness about the economic conditions prevailing the Hajj and Umrah companies due to the imposed siege on Gaza Strip, and the inability of various companies to proceed with their work, Bank of Palestine took the initiative to exempt the Hajj and Umrah companies that have accounts at the Bank from the withheld commissions on Umrah guarantees in the past period.

This step is in continuation to the Bank’s leading role in enabling the companies and organizations operating in Gaza Strip and helping and encouraging them to withstand and continue working in spite of the difficult economic conditions.

A delegation of owners of Hajj and Umrah Companies Association in Gaza Strip, represented by the Association’s President, Mr. Awad Abu Mathkour, and members of the Association represented by the owners of Hanif Company, Taybeh Company and Al-Ghirbawi Company for Hajj and Umrah, conducted a visit to Bank of Palestine’s General Management office in Gaza to thank Bank of Palestine for its stance and support to the Hajj and Umrah companies.

The President of the Assembly greatly thanked Bank of Palestine for returning the withheld commissions that were issued from the accounts of the Hajj and Umrah accounts for the Ministry of Al-Awkaf and Religious Affairs  in the value of 15 thousand dinars; the commissions were returned due to the cancellation of Umrah season due to the inability of travelling because of the continued closure of the boarders; indicating the Bank’s act of kindness as it will always remain as the first Palestinian national Bank, proven by its great acts.

Mr. Alaa Al Redwan, Deputy General Manager of Bank of Palestine, expressed his contentment for the visit of the Association’s members, indicating that the Bank continuous giving and readiness to support the Palestinian people in all its sectors and under all difficult conditions that our people in Gaza Strip go through, confirming the great support of the Bank to its customer throughout the past years.

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