Bank of Palestine and Sbitany Co. launch a campaign to encourage the usage of “Easy Life” Card under the title “Pay in Installments and the First Two Payments are on us”

Bank of Palestine in collaboration with Akram Sbitany & Sons Co. launched a new campaign to encourage the usage of “Easy Life” installment card, in which customers will be exempted from the first two payments of the amount of the purchased devices, which means the first two months are free!

The management of Sbitany Co. indicated that customers holding “Easy Life” card can pay for their purchases in 24 installments, as Sbitany Co. and Bank of Palestine will pay the first two payments on behalf of the customer, and the customer will begin paying from the third payment, i.e. from the third month.

The Company added that the launching of this campaign complements the campaigns launched by Sbitany Co. during the Holly Month of Ramadan in cooperation with Bank of Palestine, which aim to provide services for citizens and improve their lives, in addition to providing support under difficult economic conditions that the Palestinian society lives under.

The campaign will continue beyond the Holy Month of Ramadan, until September 30, 2015; there are no minimum or maximum limits for the purchases, given that the customer is holder of the “Easy Life” card; the campaign will include all branches of Sbitany Co. and Sbitany Home in Hebron, Nablus and Ramallah, in addition to Sbitany Sales and authorized merchants who accept “Easy Life” card in Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza Strip.

“Easy Life” card was launched by Sbitany Co. in collaboration with Bank of Palestine more than two years ago; the card provides its holders with various features, most prominently the installments for 24 payments in cash value and with no interest, in addition to various other features.

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