Bank of Palestine hosts a delegation of Georgetown graduates and presents to them the journey of the Bank and the banking sector in Palestine

Bank of Palestine hosted a delegation of Georgetown graduates from USA at the General Management Head Office in Ramallah; the group visited the Bank in order to learn about the Bank’s success story and the work of the banking sector, in addition to Bank of Palestine’s financial services and implemented activities.

During the meeting with the guests, the Bank’s staff provided an introductory presentation about the Bank’s journey, since it was established in 1960 as a financial institution that seeks to advance the banking services in Palestine, in addition to financing various projects and meeting the financial and banking needs of various social and economic segments. The Bank owns the largest banking network, with sixty branches and sub-branches, more than 130 ATMs and more than 6000 points of sale, distributed across all Palestinian cities and areas.

The Bank’s contribution to the building and development process was discussed, in addition to its ability to keep up with the technological developments and adopting the best international policies and proactive, including disclosure requirements, governance, precision and transparency within all its processes. The Bank dedicates 6% of its annual net profit for social responsibility. The group was also introduced to the honorary rewards received by the Bank as the Best Bank in Palestine, from prestigious institutions, magazines and classification centers, such as Euromoney, The Banker and EMEA Finance; in addition to the Best Chief Executive Officer of a Banking institution in the Middle East Award 2015, and EMEA Finance for Financial Inclusion Award 2015.

The Bank’s staff also provided an overview about the most important activities conducted by the Bank for the empowerment of Palestinian women. The Bank provided the Palestinian women with a main role to contribute to the changing process and to enhance productivity. Due to its belief in the competencies and capabilities of women, the Bank increased the number of female employees, and enhanced their role through the “Felestineya” program, which includes a range of specialized services, in addition to developing a group of credit facilitations for Palestinian women, to support them start their own businesses. These programs meet the women’s need and their ability to pay loans; alongside with programs they can benefit from, “Felestineya” Collateral Free Loan for Women in Business.

The Bank’s hosting to the delegation is due to its objective promote the level of knowledge and development reached in Palestine for youth from around the world, and present a positive image about the services and accomplishments achieved in Palestine, and that Palestine owns tools and expertise that enable it to keep up with all developments from around the world.

The guests expressed their admiration to the Bank’s significant achievements during the past fifty-five years; their questions related to the Bank’s development future prospects, and the present national economy challenges were answered. In addition, a documentary film about the Bank’s achievements and a film about the Bank’s social responsibility and sustainability were screened.

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