Bank of Palestine and the Palestinian Red Crescent began to distribute the donated hearing aids for people with hearing disabilities within the “I want to Hear” campaign

Bank of Palestine, in partnership with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, announced that they started to distribute the donated hearing aids within the grand campaign launched by the two parties to help people with hearing disabilities “I want to hear”. The two institutions launched the campaign during June 2015 to collect hearing aids, in order to alleviate the financial burden of families with children and people with hearing disabilities by providing them with hearing aids.

The celebration of this stage took place through the visit of Mr. Hashim Shawa, Chairman and General Manager of Bank of Palestine, Mr. Hani Naser, Bank of Palestine’s Assistant General Manager for West Bank Branches, and a group of officials at the Bank, to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society headquarters. During the visit, they met Dr. Younis Khatib, President of the Society, Dr. Khaled Judeh, General Manager of the Society, and a group of department and section Heads at the Society.

During the Bank’s visit to the Society, the Society provided a presentation about its journey since it was established in 1968, including its development stages, challenges, difficulties and achievements, in addition to healthcare projects and the medical projects implemented and developed by the Society in Palestine. In addition to the Society’s contribution to the humanitarian relief operations inside of Palestine and abroad.

Mr. Shawa and Dr. Khatib also discussed ways to develop the health sector in Palestine due to the need to advance the health services provided in the country. Dr. Khatib presented some of the projects that the Society is implementing in Gaza Strip, including the school for rehabilitation of medical staff, located in Khan Younis, Gaza. In addition to equipping the rehabilitation hospital to deal with people with disabilities. Dr. Khatib also discussed the health requirements lacking in Gaza Strip.

Shawa expressed his hope that the health projects being implemented on the ground will advance the services provided in Palestine, particularly the Advisory Hospital that was inaugurated in Al-Reehan and the opening of Khaled Hasan Hospital for Cancer Treatment and Bone Marrow Transplantation.

Shawa also honored a group of children who contributed to the success of “I want to hear” campaign that was implemented by the Bank, in partnership with the Red Crescent Society, and visited the sections and the specialized school for people with hearing disabilities within the Society themselves. The campaign succeeded to collect around $219,621; 100 thousand dollars of which was donated by Bank of Palestine; $105,698.57 was collected through Bank of Palestine’s network of ATMs, and the remaining $13,922.74 was collected through donors, customers and shareholders, including those residing abroad through direct correspondence by the Bank to encourage them to donate to the campaign.

Mr. Hashim Shawa and Dr. Younis Khatib expressed their gratitude and thanked all customers and citizens who donated towards the campaign, indicating that this is the morals of the Palestinian people, as they continuously come together to help people in need.

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