Bank of Palestine organizes “the Bank of Palestine Hackathon” in Ramallah and Gaza

Bank of Palestine recently organized “the Bank of Palestine Hackathon” at its headquarters in Ramallah, and via videoconference at its headquarters in Gaza City. A total of 52 participants took part in the Hackathon, including employees from the Bank of Palestine Group and several youth males and females, who came out with creative ideas for the bank.

The Hackathon was held in an enthusiastic and interactive environment over a period of two days, in the presence of a jury committee who selected three winners out of 10 for first, second and third place. A group of trainers and consultants from multidisciplinary fields, including information technology, electronic payment systems, business and project management, and marketing and sales, contributed to the Hackathon with their creative and innovative ideas.

This is the first Hackathon held by Bank of Palestine specializing in banking services, and it stems from the bank’s belief in the importance of promoting creative capacities among Palestinian youth in general and bank employees, employees from subsidiary companies and local partners in particular. It also allows them to improve their capacities and encourages them to continuously develop their work and duties, develop their thinking skills and pave the way for new innovations in all their fields of work.

It is important to mention that the Hackathon is an interactive training activity that involves a group of people who compete with each other to accomplish a certain project or solve a certain problem by bringing creative ideas to the table based on their past experiences. The winning group with the best idea is selected by a jury committee based on specific criteria.

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