Bank of Palestine launches the PointCom program to award its customers with points in exchange for various products

Stemming from its belief in loyalty and awarding its customers and encouraging them to benefit from services provided, Bank of Palestine launched the biggest customer loyalty program entitled PointCom, which was designed to provide customers with points that may be exchanged with products from different stores, cafes, restaurants, services centers and other outlets located across the Palestinian cities.

Points are earned when customers use the electronic banking services and the Banki mobile application, or when they make purchases using their bankcards. When points are collected, customers may exchange them with various products available in hundreds of stores spread across all Palestinian cities. These stores signed a contract with Bank of Palestine to facilitate the exchange process.

Mr. Rushdi Ghalayini, the General Director of Bank of Palestine, stated that PointCom is the first program of its kind at the level of banks operating in Palestine. The program, which seeks to generously award customers, was launched as part of a huge campaign to promote customer loyalty, encourage customers to use their plastic cards during their shopping sprees and benefit from electronic banking services. Ghalayini also pointed out that Bank of Palestine is the first bank to encourage its customers to benefit from banking services, especially electronic banking, which is a tool that facilitates the implementation of transactions. “PointCom is a continuation of an award program for customers who use their cards and electronic services and promote the process of digital banking,” he added.

Mr. Thaer Hamayel, the Director of Customer Service and Marketing at Bank of Palestine, spoke about the features and conditions of PointCom, pointing out that the collection of points begins from the minute a customer opens an account and obtains a debit card, or uses internet banking or the Banki mobile application. According to Hamayel, customers may check the number of points they have through various means, including internet banking and the Banki mobile application under the “My Points” button. Customers may also discover the many and different stores that participate in the program.

Hamayel added that the bank is distinguished for providing exceptional electronic services that save time, money and effort. “While our services are free of charge, fast, accurate and easy to use, the bank will grant its customers with points that will be transformed into money,” he added. He also stated that the Bank will provide 1,000 points for new and existing Banki mobile application users, and 25 points for customers who request checkbooks, make a transfer, pay to a friend, pay bills or university fees using the Banki application. In terms of using bankcards, Hamayel pointed out that for purchases made on the Signature Visa Card the customer will obtain four points for every Dollar spent, with a minimum of 50 points, while credit card holders will obtain 50 points for each transaction. For other cards, customer will earn 25 points for all transactions, taking into consideration that every 100 points are worth 1 ILS, and customers may transfer the points earned to other accounts, with a maximum of 100 points per day.

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