BoP Donates USD 12,000 to the Holly Family Hospital

Mr. Hashim Shawa, Chairman and General Manager of Bank of Palestine, handed a check of USD 12000 to Mr. Tabash Robert, Director of the Holly Family Hospital, as a donation from the Bank. By this donation, the hospital will buy an incubator for premature babies.


The HFH is the only hospital in Bethlehem City and the surrounding areas that has a premature babies' ward.


Over his visit to the premature babies' ward, Mr. Shawa offered a donation for four twins, by opening 4 savings accounts of $200 for each. The twins are called: Mohammad, Dareen, Nadeen and Abdurrahman, from Abu Nassar family.


Mr. Shawa appreciated the efforts exerted by the people in charge of the hospital and wished them more success and sustainable development, not least during the hard times the Palestinian people is being through, stressing that BoP would continue its support for the hospital as well as the Palestinian people at all times.


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