BoP Launches “A Lifetime Monthly Salary Campaign”

BoP declared the launching of its biggest campaign for saving accounts on which the Bank presents a lifetime monthly salary of USD 500 every week. In a press conference, Mr. Hashim Shawa, Chairman and General Manager of BoP, announced that ‘Bank of Palestine strives to present the best services for its customers. The idea of presenting USD 500 lifetime monthly salary every week is a special and a unique idea; it is applied for the first time in Palestine. We launched this campaign, he said, because of our deep belief in the importance of presenting the best for our customers, and to give the opportunity of winning the monthly prize for all the holders of savings accounts through the weekly withdrawal’.

In a short period, Mr. Shawa added, we have been successfully able to achieve significant and tangible achievements in all fields, e.g., we have introduced the best banking programs applied worldwide, and we have continued our expanding policy in order to deliver our banking services for all of our customers wherever they are. We are the most distributed bank with our 34 branches and sub-branches that are spread across the whole country.


Mr. Thaer Hamayel, Head of Public Relations and Marketing Division, clarified that this campaign presents the winners with a weekly prize of USD 500 monthly salary for 20 years.

One of the advantages of this saving program is the possibility of opening saving accounts for all the members of the family of all ages with any amount of money not least than 200 USD or their equivalent in any other currency.

The more money you save the greater your chance of winning will be, i.e., each USD 200 has a chance of winning every week. For any further information about the campaign or the winners, he said, you can call our Toll Free number 1800115000 or you can visit our website

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