BoP Launches the Comfortable Installment Card “Easy Life”

During a workshop held by BoP with the participation of Mr. Hani Nassir, Assistant General Manager- West Bank Branches, and Mr. Thair Hamayel, Head of Public Relations and Marketing Division, BoP announced the launching of its new Comfortable Installment Card “Easy Life”. During the workshop, they acknowledged a large number of merchants contracted with BoP through the automatic system POS with the benefits of the new service. Mr. Hamayel said that it is the first time to issue these cards in Palestine, which would increase the achievements of BoP concerning credit cards. He also pointed out that BoP had invested large amounts of money in the field of credit cards


Mr. Hamayel also added that Bank of Palestine is the only bank in Palestine that accepts four kinds of cards. The new cards will be used locally, and with these cards, the value of purchases would be due during 3-36 months without any interests or commissions on the cardholder.


The new cards will only be used through our 2000 POS machines that are spread across the whole country.


He also pointed out that one of the card’s advantages is the possibility to buy with Dollar and Shekel without using paper-based transactions between the merchant, cardholder, and the Bank.


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