USD 23.5 Million, the Profits of BOP During the First 9 Months This Year

Bank of Palestine announced that it has achieved a total profit before tax of USD 23.5 millions during the first 9 months of the year 2009, compared to USD 18 millions or the same period last year.


Palestine Securities Exchange received the financial statements audited by the Internal Auditor of the Bank to be the first company listed in the market to disclose its financial statements for the third quarter of this year.


The financial statements included the consolidated Balance Sheet, the consolidated income statement, the consolidated cash flows statement, and the consolidated statement of the changes in the shareholders equity.


The financial statements of the Bank indicate that the total assets increased to about USD 1.3 billions at the end of September of this year compared with USD 1.04 billions at the end of last year. Total liabilities rose to about USD 1.13 billions at the end of the period against USD 922 millions at the end of last year, and the total shareholder equity grew to reach USD 148 millions compared to 123 millions at the end of last year.

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