Bank of Palestine provides its sponsorship for hosting a medical delegation from abroad, in partnership with the Ramallah Federation in the United States

Through its partnership with the Ramallah Federation in the United States, Bank of Palestine sponsored the visit of a medical delegation to Palestine to assist Palestinian medical teams at Palestinian hospitals and perform surgeries in various medical specializations.

This sponsorship is taking place for the fourth consecutive year and stems from the bank’s efforts in the field of corporate social responsibility and in harmony with its vision to support the health sector in Palestine, activate means of communication between local and international Palestinian doctors, and strengthen national bonds between Palestine and the diaspora. This visit was organized in coordination with the Ramallah Federation in the United States, the Ramallah Federation in Ramallah, the Ramallah Foundation, the Heart of Mercy International Foundation and the American Federation Ramallah Human Service Network (AFRHSN).

The delegation featured the participation of several doctors who specialize in different medical fields in the United States. Several events and activities were organized, including participation in medical conferences in the presence of Palestinian doctors so that the latter are able to benefit from the experiences of the delegation, exchange information and expertise, activate relations and build bridges of communication with the diaspora community.  The delegation also conducted field visits to many medical centers located across the West Bank, and provided educational tools that allow Palestinian doctors to be up to date with the latest development in the field of modern medicine.

From another angle, the bank participated in a reception that was organized in honor of the visiting delegation to express the gratitude of the Palestinian people and thank the delegation for its esteemed visit that contribute to the development of the health sector, provide assistance to doctors within Palestinian hospitals, alleviate the pressures they undergo and increase the capacity of Palestinian medical teams to enable them to treat and follow up on patients.

The bank also participated in the activity for the renovation of the Ramallah Public Hospital Emergency Room, along with doctors, the Minster of Health, the Governor of Ramallah and Al Bireh, and a number of officials and members from the local community.

It is important to mention that Bank of Palestine allocates approximately 5% of its annual profits for corporate social responsibility, including the provision of support for all Palestinian developmental sectors, among them: health, education, youth and creativity, culture and arts, sports, human endeavors, economic development, diaspora relations and women empowerment.

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