The Welfare Association and Bank of Palestine announce the results of the Zamalah Fellowship Program nominations and the call for experts from abroad

The Welfare Association, in cooperation with Bank of Palestine and the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development announced the results of the eighth round of nominations for the Fellowship applications and call for experts as part of the Zamalah Fellowship Program, which is implemented with the participation of 14 Palestinian universities. A total of 14 applications submitted from nine Palestinian universities have been approved by the assigned evaluation committees.

The Zamalah Fellowship Program, which was initiated by Bank of Palestine in 2011, is considered among the unique developmental programs on a national level. Over the years, it has contributed to the development of several multidisciplinary educational and human resource expertise within Palestinian universities by sending qualified individuals on vocational and training visits abroad with an aim to promote the level of their performance, develop expertise and learn from experiences around the world.

The program resulted in the publishing of over 50 research papers, the development of several specialized courses at Palestinian universities, and the acquisition of new skills and experiences in the fields of science, technology and economics. Several visits have been conducted to global scientific and economic centers like The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), medical research centers in India, Europe, the United States, Malaysia, Japan, etc., and networking within the field of scientific research was established between Palestinian universities and hosting universities.

On a financial level, approximately $2.2 million have been expended, and about 180 individuals from lecturers, technicians, administrative personnel from various Palestinian universities received fellowships. The program continues its track record of success.

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