Bank of Palestine provides its support for Al-Jaroshiah Charitable Society in the Tulkarem governorate

As part of its contributions towards supporting charitable activities and promote social and humanitarian needs, Bank of Palestine provided a financial contribution for Al- Jaroshiah Charitable Society in the Tulkarem governorate. The donation was allocated for accommodating a group of senior citizens from Tulkarem who are in need of care and shelter.

This support stems from the bank’s efforts in the field of corporate social responsibility for which 5% of its annual profits are allocated towards supporting the activities of the various developmental sectors, including education, health, humanitarian endeavors, cultural and artistic projects and sports, among many others. This contribution is also part of the bank’s belief in the necessity for promoting humanitarian endeavors and displaying respect to senior citizens across the nation.

Representatives from Al-Jaroshiah Charitable Society praised the efforts conducted by the bank and the activities implemented in support of Palestinian society in general and senior citizens in particular. The Society thanked the bank and granted the General Director of the Tulkarem branch a plaque as a token of gratitude and appreciation for all its support and for enabling the Society to maintain its operations.

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