Bank of Palestine donates USD 50,000 to the President's Education Fund to fund Palestinian students in Lebanese universities

 Bank of Palestine donated USD 50,000 to President Abbas's Education Fund for Palestinian students in Lebanon for the third year in a row, with USD 150,000 donated to the fund so far. The donation comes as part of BoP's continuous effort to support education at al levels wherever it may be, especially in Lebanon's Palestinian refugee camps, where students face difficult challenges.  


Hashim Shawa, Chairman and General Manager of BoP, stated that the bank decided to dedicate 5%of its net profit to support different fields in society, as part of the bank's Corporate Social Responsibility. In education, the bank also supported a number of universities around the country through a national academic program, "Zamalah", with USD 2 million.


Shawa further stated that this donation was made to fill a need in the various fields of Palestinian society, and that education and healthcare development are the two fields that need the most sustainable support and investment. BoP believes in the importance of supporting higher education for Palestinians at home and abroad and supporting young creative Palestinian minds as they represent Palestine everywhere they go.


A number of private sector institutions are also contributing to this fund as part of their CSR commitments and in an effort to enhance Palestinian education everywhere.

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