Bank of Palestine provides its support for the Jerusalem Children’s Orchestra as part of its partnership with the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music

The Jerusalem Children’s Orchestra and the National Conservatory of Music Orchestra presented a concert for wind instruments conducted by the Maestro Jay Cross-land. This unique concert, which was recently held at the Nasib Shaheen auditorium at Birzeit University, featured a selection of world-renowned musical pieces performed by almost 60 musicians handpicked from across the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music branches. The concert was attended by a huge audience, including the parents of students, cultural organizations, and representatives from the private sector.

This concert was performed following a series of extensive training over a period of three days. Students from the Conservatory and their counterparts from the Jerusalem Children’s Orchestra worked very hard to create distinguished musical pieces and indulge in an unforgettable and successful experience. The concert was supported by the Muna and Basem Hishmeh Foundation and the Opic Fund for International Development, as part of the academic program that aims to create interaction between the students and the audience and produce creative and artistic work for youth.

Bank of Palestine’s support for musical concerts, organized by the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music, aims to support the creativity of Palestinian youth by means of diversifying the cultural messages delivered to Palestinians around the world, enrich these messages through creativity, access the arena of continuous development, and stay abreast with cultural and artistic innovations around the world.

It is important to mention that the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music established several orchestras including the Palestine Youth Orchestra, the Palestinian National Orchestra and the ESNCM Orchestra, all of which managed to tour many countries, perform distinguished musical concerts and deliver a humanitarian message from Palestine to the rest of the world.

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