BOP contributes to building a Pediatric Cancer Department at BeitJala Hospital




April, 6. Bank of Palestine contributed USD 25,000 to building a pediatric oncology department at BeitJala Hospital, the only public oncology services for children being provided by the PNA Ministry of Health. This new department will help alleviate the suffering of hundreds of children annually, since most of cases used to be treated abroad, and statistics showed that cancer is the third main disease causing death in Palestine.

The initiative to build this department was started two years ago by Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) , which named it after one of the founders of the PCRF, Huda Al Masri (Sosebee), who passed away due toleukemia in 2009.

Bank of Palestine has also contributed this year an amount of USD 50,000 to the Augusta Victoria Hospital for a similar project.

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