Bank of Palestine provides sponsorship for the first Volunteer Camp in northern Assirah

Bank of Palestine concluded its sponsorship for the activities of the first Volunteer Camp in northern Assirah, in the presence of Mrs. Anan Al Atirah, Deputy Governor of Nablus, Mr. Khalid Al Shafi’i, Bank of Palestine Director of northern Assirah office, and Mr. Hazem Yassin, the Mayor of Assirah. The closing ceremony also featured the participation of individuals from the local community and town representatives.

The camp’s events extended over a period of three days with an aim to promote the spirit of participation and environmental preservation, featuring activities that involve the cleaning of streets and mosque spaces, to name a few. Other activities included awareness lectures conducted by the Civil Defense Department, the police and political guidance, in addition to cultural events and dabkeh performances.

Bank of Palestine’s sponsorship for this camp is a continuation of its efforts to create positive impact on our community, and stems from its vision to promote youth participation in various sports and social activities, and encourage them to compete and realize their goals based on the principles of cooperation and team spirit.

Certificates of appreciation were distributed on the volunteers at the ends of the ceremony.    

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