Bank of Palestine Sponsors Agriculture Conference on Development Prospects in Tubas




Bank of Palestine sponsored a conference on the prospects of agricultural development in Bake’a Plain in Tubas governorate. The conference, titled “Prospects of Agricultural Development in Bake’a Plain,” was organized by Tamon Municipality and attended by Minister of Agriculture Mr Walid Assaf, Tubas Governor Marwan Tubasi and Bank of Palestine Manager in Northern Palestine Mr Nasser Bakir, with the participation of experts and speakers from the West Bank, Arab and European countries specialized in the field of agriculture and husbandry.

Bake’a Plain is the third largest plain in Palestine with an area of approximately 30 square dunums. The plain suffers from ongoing illegal Israeli practices including land confiscation and water theft. Bake’a Plain is located to the east of Tamon city in Tubas Governorate; it is a fertile land that supplied Palestine with crops especially wheat, also called the yellow gold, before the Israeli occupation in 1967.

Worksheets, researches and studies relevant to the development of Bake’a Plain were presented. The presentations addressed key issue including water resources in the plain, the infrastructure of natural resources, land reclamation, the development of irrigation water, rainwater harvesting in Atuf, the formation of a national road map for agricultural development on the domestic level, investment opportunities in Bake’a, animal production and increasing the productivity of crops.

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