Bank of Palestine Steps Up Campaign to Support Palestinian Singer Mohammad Assaf – Votes This Week Soar to 100,000 – Bank of Palestine Sponsors Public Concerts throughout Palestine



Bank of Palestine declared its intention to step up the campaign in support of the Palestinian singer Mohammad Assaf who is competing in the Arab Idol Program aired on MBC 1. The campaign aims to encourage the Palestinian public to vote for Assaf through mobile telecommunication companies under the title of “Your Vote and the Vote of the Bank of Palestine Make Two Votes.” This week the Bank managed to raise the number of votes to 100,000 in order to help the Palestinian star Assaf reach the finals.

Bank of Palestine stepped up its campaign through different printed and audio-visual media, social networks and ATM ads. Moreover, the Bank held more than 30 Arab Idol concerts throughout the Palestinian districts screening the program on a large screen on Fridays and Saturdays.

On another note, through Bank of Palestine communication with its partners including the Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC), and in order to strengthen and invest its relations with the CCC, the CCC has responded positively to the request made by Bank of Palestine to support the Palestinian star Assaf with 200,000 votes. On this occasion, Bank of Palestine would like to thank CCC headed by Mr Said Khoury and its staff here in Palestine and abroad for their generous contribution in support of Assaf. Likewise, the Bank extends its gratitude to all Palestinian citizens who support Assaf and calls on them to take part in the assemblies expected to be held in the districts the location of which will be announced at a later time.

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