Bank of Palestine welcomes a delegation from the Association of Palestinian-Turkish Businessmen


Bank of Palestine meets a delegation from the Association of Palestinian-Turkish Businessmen in BOP’s main branch in Hebron; the delegation included the President of Palestinian- Turkish Businessmen Federation Mr. Jamal Mustafa, Vice president Mr. Mohammed Al-Hems, member of the Federation Mr. Nizar Al-Jabary, Head of Public Relations Mr. Naser Ayed, President of Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Hebron Eng. Mohammed Herbawi, and the Palestinian Businessman in Saudi Arabia Mr. Mazen Abu dabaat.

The delegation was met and introduced to the bank’s departments by the Head of BOP’s branches in southern Palestine Mr. Mu’aweah Qawasmi and a number of employees. Then a presentation was done about the banking system in Palestine, and about the establishment of the bank since 1960, explaining that despite of the challenges and difficulties were faced by BOP, the bank could achieve success in different areas including; expanding in different governorates and areas in Palestine reaching 48 branches and offices and more than 100 ATMs, investing in local and regional banks, establishing PalPay company to facilitate electronic payments, and establishing Al-Wasata company.

Finally, the delegation expressed their appreciation and admiration of BOP’s development and sustainability, pointing to the significant role that Bank of Palestine plays in serving the Palestinian economic and banking sector.

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