Bank of Palestine Awards 4th HESPAL Scholarship Created by the British Council to Student from Al-Azhar University in Gaza

Bank of Palestine granted the 4th Higher Education Scholarship for Palestine (HESPAL) created by the British Council to Yasmin Rabbah from Al-Azhar University in Gaza.  Ms Rabbah will spend one year preparing for her MA in Development Management at London School of Economics (LSE), UK, and Bank of Palestine will cover the costs of her study.

Ms Rabbah applied for HESPAL scholarship though the British Council and she was selected based on her distinction in the university having achieved a GPA of 95%. She was received at the Bank of Palestine HQ and congratulated by Gaza Strip Branches Assistant General Manager Mr Wael Al-Sourani and Public Relations and Marketing Officer at the General Administration Mr Khaldoun Abu Salim.

This is the 4th scholarship in a row awarded by the Bank of Palestine via the British Council to Palestinian students in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to study in European Universities. HESPAL aims to help create the next generation of senior academics who can maintain international quality standards at Palestinian universities and to develop renewed, sustainable links between Palestinian and UK universities.

Worth noting is that bank of Palestine allocates 5% of its annual net profit in support of corporate social responsibility. The Bank continues unwaveringly to invest the Palestinian youth sector especially entrepreneurs who can lead the future of the different sectors including science, technology, education, finance, sports, culture and arts on both the domestic and global levels. 

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