Bank of Palestine and Oyoun Media company commence with the organization of a series of meetings for businesswomen and business owners on digital marketing and advertising using social media platforms

In coordination with Oyoun Media company, Bank of Palestine organized a series of trainings that were held in various cities in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (through videoconferencing) for businesswomen and business owners on marketing products on services on the internet and social media platforms. During the meetings, women where provided direct solutions, advice and consultations that enable them to develop their businesses in this field and promote their advertisements among target groups.

These efforts stem from the Felestineya program and is based on an opinion poll and training needs that would enable women business owners to develop themselves and their businesses. the bank partnered with Oyoun Media, which works in the field of digital marketing and assists many organizations and projects in the Palestinian governmental, private and nongovernmental sectors, and provides its expertise and experiences with women entrepreneurs and enables women to penetrate the digital marketing space through well thought-out steps.

The first meeting, which is based on the Felestineya program training plan, was held at Bank of Palestine’s CCC building in the presence of 16 business women and business owners in Jerusalem and Ramallah. Women were provided direct solutions, advice and consultations that would enable them to develop their businesses and advertise their products appropriately in various fields including, education, cosmetics, wedding and events management, accessory design, skincare, rehabilitation and treatment, architecture, traditional costumes design, handicrafts and services, to name a few. 

The meeting revealed that some women adopt traditional marketing means without using social media platforms, while others depend on trial and error and personal experience. Through the meeting, women were provided with ideal means that would enable them to attain the desirable results, including means to showcase their products and services, how to manage paid advertising and design their sites and pages on various global platforms.

The meeting also provided women the opportunity to create networking channels, talk about their businesses, identify what distinguishes their products and services, and find commons denominators in their line of work. 

Ms. Mays Sawafta, the Executive Director of Oyoun Media, expressed her enthusiasm about the meeting and pointed out that the participation of her company’s expertise in the fields of design, programming, social media, digital marketing and sales contributed tremendously to focusing on challenges confronted by women in the field of online marketing, handling the training case by case, and providing the necessary consultations and guidance to overcome these challenges.

Sawafta added that vast interaction, constructive discussions and solutions provided will bear exceptional results when taken into consideration during the use of online advertising platforms in the most effective a less costly means.  Sawafta looks forward to upcoming meetings, which will be held in the West Bank and Gaza.

Bank of Palestine and Oyoun Media company recently signed a memorandum of understanding for the provision of a series of workshops and consultations to business women and business owners.

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