Bank of Palestine Offers Condolences to Families of Deceased Children Who Passed Away in the Tragic Accident in Tarqumia – Bank of Palestine Plans to Establish Public Park Named after the Deceased Children

Bank of Palestine has offered its condolences to families of children who passed away in a tragic accident in the town of Tarqumia south of Hebron. The Management of the bank has also decided to establish a public playground named after the deceased children in the town in order to provide children with the opportunity of playing in safe locations. This initiative will commemorate the deceased children who were asphyxiated to death last Thursday in their parent’s vehicle.

Bank of Palestine’s initiative to establish a public playground for children stems from its deep sense of social responsibility toward the Palestinian people. It is also part of a the bigger Al-Bayyara Playgrounds project Bank of Palestine is implementing in partnership with national institutions namely Welfare Association, ANERA, Muna and Bassem Hishmeh, and UPA George and Ronda Salem.

The initiative highlights Bank of Palestine vision aiming to meet the community needs of the different social segments of the Palestinian society. The bank hopes the initiative of establishing children playgrounds will incentivize Palestinian public sector companies and organizations to raise the living standards of Palestinian children and contribute to providing them with safe recreational facilities, which are crucial for their sound and healthy development.

In addition to creating safe recreational facilities for children, Bank of Palestine aims to develop national institutions. Moreover, Bank of Palestine has dedicated a good portion of its resources to humanitarian areas and to restore hope to children in a promising future. Finally, the bank has allocated 5% of its annual net profit to cultural, health, social, sports and educational development and the support of children and youth.

For his part, Head of Tarqumia Village Council Mr Sami Fatafta extolled Bank of Palestine initiative to establish a children playground. He extended his gratitude to the bank and partner national institutions in the project. He pointed out the initiative is a serious and original step that mirrors Bank of Palestine’s national commitment, loyalty and belonging.

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