Bank of Palestine and Welfare Association Sign Agreement to Launch Zamala Program at Palestine Polytechnic University

Bank of Palestine signed in partnership with Welfare Association an agreement to launch Zamala (Fellowship) Program for academic and professional development at Palestine Polytechnic University. The program is funded and implemented by Bank of Palestine in partnership with Welfare Association and Palestinian universities. The agreement was signed by Chairman of the Board and General Manager of Bank of Palestine Mr Hashim Al-Shawa, Welfare Association General Manager Tafida Al-Jarbawi and President of Palestine Polytechnic University Professor Ibrahim Al-Masri.

For his part, Mr Al-Shawa highlighted the importance of partnership and complementary roles among the various sector in the Palestinian organizations, pointing at the same time to the fact that education and human resources development is a crucial aspect that Bank of Palestine supports as part of its corporate social responsibility. He added Bank of Palestine allocates 5% of its annual net profit to different social responsibility areas.

In addition, Mr Al-Shawa stressed the significance of Zamala Program in providing the education cadre in Palestinian universities with the opportunity to open up to the world and learn from the expertise and innovations of other countries and eventually transmit that experience to Palestinian university students. He made clear that Zamala Program aims to improve the quality of higher education and its outcomes so the education our students receive matches with the rapid developments around the world.

It is worth noting that Bank of Palestine, Welfare Association and Palestine Polytechnic University have signed an MoU whereby Bank of Palestine will sponsor Zamala Program for 5 years while Welfare Association will run, follow up and assess the different phases of the program, as well as collect funds to support it. The Palestine Polytechnic University will announce the program and encourage its teaching faculty and staff to join it, and provide them with all possible support and assistance.

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