BOP & Welfare Association (WA) Sign Agreement to Provide First Work Opportunity Worth USD 150,000 for New Graduates

In furtherance work opportunities for new graduates from Palestinian universities, BOP Chairman and General Manager Mr Hashim Shawa and WA General Manager Dr Tafida Jarbawi have signed an agreement to provide the first work opportunity worth USD 150,000 for new graduates.

The signing ceremony, attended by Palestinian Education for Employment Foundation (PEFE) Board member Dr Sabri Siam, PEFE CEO Saro Nakashian, BOP Deputy General Manager Mr Rushdi Ghalayini, and officials from BOP and WA,  took place at BOP General Management main HQ in Ramallah Tuesday 1 July 2014. As per the agreement, WA and BOP will pay 50 percent each of the total cost of the new work opportunity.

According to the agreement, PEFE will provide 50-hour training on life skills to 100 new male and female graduates of whom 60 graduates majoring in Business Management,  Marketing, Accounting, Finance or Sales, will later have a six-month paid practical training in BOP branches.

For her part, Dr Jarbawi said the agreement is part of the three-year Youth Employment Service (YES) Program (2014-2016) carried out by WA with a budget of USD 25 million. YES aims to provide young Palestinian with economic opportunities and empower them to achieve sustainable economic development and growth by way of training young people looking for work opportunities and preparing them for the labor market. The program also seeks to provide financial resources for young entrepreneurs eager to start their own income generating enterprises or expand their existing ones. Furthermore, the YES program aims to create a network of operating institutions committed to train young people and help them achieve professional progress systematically and efficiently, and involve stakeholders in carrying out youth programs through partnerships and networks to ensure exchange and coordination of knowledge with the view of making far-reaching impact.

Dr Jarbawi also extended her deepest gratitude to BOP for its valuable contribution and significant role in supporting and empowering the Palestinian people, especially young graduates. She lauded BOP corporate social responsibility as a key factor in developing the Palestinian community both socially and economically.

Mr Shawa stated the agreement is part of the BOP corporate social responsibility and strategy to help and support the youth sector. He pointed out BOP is one of the largest Palestinian institutions that have employed new graduates. During the past five years BOP has employed more than 600 male and female graduates. According to Shawa, BOP seeks always to find ways to help young Palestinians overcome challenges and difficulties and for this purpose BOP has financed economic enterprises for young entrepreneurs during the Global Entrepreneurship Week.   

Finally, Shawa valued the role played by WA and PEFE in facilitating the employment of new graduates in the Palestinian labor market and fulfilling its needs. Shawa added BOP seeks to alleviate unemployment in the Palestinian society through supporting economic projects and developing programs to finance small projects.


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