BOP Launches Marketing Campaign Promoting Use of Plastic Cards in Purchase Operations

BOP has launched a new marketing campaign aiming to promote the use of plastic cards in purchase operations among BOP customers. Customers can use Visa Electron Card, Cash Card, Easy Life, Master Card and Visa Card to buy goods and shop in supermarkets, malls, clothing stores, domestic electrical appliances stores, restaurants, gas stations and others.

BOP has earmarked a high value winning prize of a 2014 Jeep Wrangler in addition to daily prizes of LG 47” TV.  Prize draws will start Tuesday, July 7, and continue until November 2014. 

The campaign targets existing and new customers using BOP cards for shopping in stores inside and outside Palestine. Customers who buy for the amount of USD 10 or its equivalent in other currencies shall be eligible for the prize draw. The higher the amount of purchase is will increase the odds of winning. No commission is entailed.   

BOP Marketing and Public Relations Division Manager Thaer Hamayel affirmed the campaign is a culmination of the Bank’s efforts to entrench the culture of plastic cards in shopping. He added BOP is the first bank in Palestine to introduce the electronic cashless sale system and credit cards service. In fact, BOP has the only center for issuing credit and debit cards in Palestine, and it is the first and only source of all types of plastic cards since 1999.

Hamayel added the use of plastic cards is a major breakthrough in banking services provided by BOP. “They are smart and safe cards that mitigate the risk of using and carrying cash all the time,” he explained. According to Hamayel, the fist comfortable installment card “Easy Life” was issued by BOP several years ago with the view of enabling its customers to purchase their needs from shopping centers by way of easy commission or interest free installments.

The plastic cards culture developed fast in Palestine and it is being increasingly used by cardholders in shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants and service centers. Now BOP has more than 5000 point of sales machines distributed throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

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