Bank of Palestine Sponsors Activities of Ramallah Forum Hosted

For the 5th consecutive year BOP has hosted the activities of the American Federation of Ramallah Forum held in Palestine for the first time upon an invitation from BOP. The Federation’s visit was jointly organized by Ramallah Municipality and the American Federation of Ramallah.

Every year Ramallah the American Federation of Ramallah holds a social gathering during which Ramallah expats discuss pertinent issues and elect different committees for the Federation. This year the Federation has convened in Ramallah and addressed the inauguration of recreational playgrounds, which are part of Al-Bayyara Project carried out by BOP. Ramallah expats have generously contributed to the establishment of the playgrounds after a series of meetings with BOP during the past few years. In addition, several public facilities in Ramallah will be inaugurated. During the Federation’s visit, cultural, art and economic activities will be held organized by Ramallah Municipality. The American Federation of Ramallah has 1300 members some of whom are visiting Ramallah with their families. The program of the visit includes trips to Palestinian cities and villages in areas occupied by Israeli in 1948. Moreover, visiting members of the Federation will participate in a conference on available investment opportunities in Palestine including corporate social responsibility projects.

In order to strengthen expats relations, BOP established in 2011 a special unit to provide services to Palestinian in the Diaspora and build a bridge of communication with them with the view of fulfilling their needs in terms of banking services and investment in Palestine. In order to achieve this objective BOP is seeking to open a representation office in Santiago, Chile, and another in Dubai, UAE, where about 750,000 Palestinians are living.

BOP Chairman and General Manager Mr Hashim Shawa stated that BOP’s sponsorship of this event aims to build bridges of communication and relations between Palestinian expats and their homeland as well as learn from the business management experience of expats and their contributions to art, creativity, culture and the sciences. Shawa also highlighted the crucial role expats can have in incentivizing and developing Palestinian economy.

This year’s forum was sponsored by BOP, the Arab Contractors Company (CCC), Farouk Al-Shami Group, and Muna and Bassem Hishmeh Foundation. Media coverage was provided by Palestine TV, Radio Ajyal and Al-Ayyam Arabic daily.

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