BOP Sponsors Faculty of Business & Economics Open Day at Birzeit University

BOP, in cooperation with Palestinian Education for Employment Foundation (PEFE), has sponsored the Open Day activities held recently for students from the Faculty of Business and Economics at Birzeit University. The Open Day was attended by Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics Dr Mohammad Nasr, PEFE Chairman Dr Sabri Saidam, Head of the Open Day Committee at Birzeit University Mrs Dahouk Daoudi, Head of BOP Marketing Public Relations Division Mr Thaer Hamayel, officials from BOP and PEFE, and university students, professors and guests.

The Open Day featured cultural, sport and art activities including songs and popular dance, circus and puppet shows, and beatboxing. Topics for the Open Day revolved around corporate social responsibility, creativity, entrepreneurship and education.

Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics Dr Mohammad Nasr expressed his deepest gratitude and appreciation to BOP for this contribution that reflects the Bank’s keenness to communicate with local organizations and support education and youth in Palestine. He added the Open Day “stimulates students to enhance their creativity and exert more efforts to succeed in their practical life.” Dr Nasr also gave a briefing on the Faculty of Business and Economics, its premises and undergraduate majors. He concluded, “The Faculty is proud to attract outstanding students and instill them with the skills to work in private and public sector institutions.”

For his part, Head of the Marketing and Public Relations Division at BOP Mr Hamayel said the Bank’s sponsorship of the Open Day stems from its belief in the importance of the role carried out by young educated Palestinians and their contribution to economic and social development. He stressed BOP’s support to the creative and innovative capabilities of young Palestinians enabling them to build a promising society and confront difficulties and challenges. BOP has sponsored several activities for the youth such as Startup Weekends and Innovation Celebration in Palestinian universities. BOP has also supported young entrepreneurs thorough a facilitated creativity lending program.

PEFE Chairman Dr Saidam spoke about the significance of PEFE’s activities that aim to upgrade the level of education and creativity among young Palestinians which will enable them get better work opportunities. Dr Saidam highlighted the role Palestinian women can play in national economy pointing out that the rate of unemployment among women has reached 90 percent. He also referred to PEFP’s role in studying labor market needs and designating training programs that meet market needs and hence provide work opportunities for new graduates.

Mrs Daoudi expressed pride in partnering with BOP citing the joint objectives and topics of the Open Day as a prime example of that partnership. She added the topics of the Open Day which revolved around creativity, green environment, community development and social entrepreneurship were in line with BOP vision and services.

Mr Hamayel was a member of the arbitration committee for the creative ideas competition, which was relevant to the topics proposed for the Open Day. A USD 500 cash prize for best creative idea was awarded to a student from Birzeit University.

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