Family of 13 Wins BOP Daily Savings Accounts Prize for USD 5000 Each

Shawqi Abu Salah family from Khan Younis consisting of 13 persons has won a total prize of USD 55,000 in the daily prize draw on BOP savings accounts which took place last Thursday. Each family member has received the amount of USD 5000.

This is the biggest family to win BOP savings accounts prize since the launching of the campaign in the middle of last month. It is also the 25th family that wins the prize, noting that only 11 members out of 13 were eligible to win.

For the first time the savings accounts campaign titled “The Family Brings Us Together” includes a daily prize for the amount of USD 5000 for each family member having a savings account at BOP. Savers at the bank will be able to win a daily prize of USD 5000 once a family member wins the prize. Once the father, mother, son or daughter wins the prize, all the family members will also receive USD 5000 each. BOP encourages Palestinian families to open an account and benefit from the features of the campaign and raise the number of winners within the same family.

The conditions of the savings campaign stipulate that current and new savings accounts exceeding USD 200 or its equivalent in other currencies will enter the daily prize draw which will multiply according to the number of family members. Savers who have higher savings will have a bigger chance to win. According to the conditions of the campaign, the savings account must be open at least one day before the prize draw takes place.

BOP has allocated special media services for those who wish to find more about the savings campaign and winners. The media include dailies, Radio and TV stations, facebook and the following website

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