Press Release Issued by the Association of Banks in Palestine

The Association of Banks in Palestine warns of continuous targeting of banks operating in the Gaza Strip and condemns the outrageous attacks against banks and ATMs operating in the strip.

Early this morning unknown persons planted an explosive device in the ATM of Bank of Palestine main branch and blew it up completely causing serious damage to the bank’s lobby. The two guards inside the bank survived the incident.

Likewise, unknown persons opened fire at the Arab Bank branch in Gaza city causing damage to the ATM and the bank’s lobby.

The Association of Banks in Palestine appeals to all concerned authorities in the Gaza Strip to bear their responsibilities and provide the Palestinian banking sector in the Gaza strip with security and protection so that banks can continue to provide banking services to the public especially in these difficult circumstances the strip is passing through as a result of the blockade and unceasing Israeli threats. Moreover, the Association of Banks in Palestine reaffirms that the banking sector is not a party in any political bickering.


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