Bank of Palestine sponsors Thalassemia Patients Friends Society’s marathon in Gaza

Bank of Palestine provided its sponsorship for the marathon under the slogan “Health and Work for Life”, organized by Thalassemia Patients Friends Society in Gaza Strip, coinciding with The International Day of Solidarity with Thalassemia Patients; with participation of 800 contestants from children and youth and in the presence of Bank of Palestine, supporting institutions and Thalassemia Patients Friends Society.

The Bank’s sponsorship to this marathon is due to its social responsibility and is in line with its vision to support the health sector in Palestine and its fight against various diseases that can be limited in the Palestinian society.

The marathon took place on Saturday 9/5/2014 and began from the Legislative Council Square in Gaza, which was the starting point of the of the marathon towards Dabit intersection and returning to the same place. This marathon coincides with another marathon organized in Hebron, in which hundreds participated in as well.

Bank of Palestine provided prizes for the winners of the marathon, distributed as Cash Cards for the top twelve winners; accordingly, the Bank confirms its support for Thalassemia patients and encourages them to lead a normal life, activate their roles in culture and sports, enhance teamwork and volunteer work, in addition to collaborating with them to raise awareness about this disease.

In addition to the marathon, various cultural and art activities were organized, represented by the scout group, Parkour Palestinian team and other activities.

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