Bank of Palestine, PALPAY® and Al-Wasata organizes two workshops in Nablus and Jenin governorates about the financial services for businessmen, merchants and contractors

Bank of Palestine in cooperation with its subsidiary companies PALPAY® and Al-Wasata Securities Co. conducted two workshops in Nablus and Jenin governorates in the past two days around developing the relations with businessmen, merchants and contractors and to work towards enhancing collaboration and resolving financial problems that they might face, in addition to promoting the level of businesses, construction industries and small enterprises to ensure the best performance for their work.


The workshops were attended by Bank of Palestine’s Deputies and Assistants General Manager, a number of the Bank’s Department and Section Heads and representatives from Al-Wasata and PALPAY®, with large participation from Palestinian businessmen, owners of small projects and enterprises, merchants and contractors in northern West Bank.

During the workshop, the Bank welcomed the attendees, expressing its gratitude for the effective participation of businessmen and owners of projects and factories; these workshops confirm the need for communication, networking and cooperation between them, aiming to collect their suggestions and inquiries in order to develop the services to meet the needs and nature of their businesses. These workshops also aim to present a comprehensive picture about the Bank’s services and features, in addition to the benefits provided to Palestinian business owners and the ability to support them within the available capabilities.

A number of Bank of Palestine’s Department and Section Heads presented a group of banking services provided to the customers, including foreign exchange service, financial trade and electronic services, accounts and credit facilitations provided at good performance and distinctive speed. The workshop also included sessions about the services provided by Al-Wasta Securities Co. and PALPAY®.

At the conclusion of the meetings, answers were provided to the questions asked by the businessmen who also provided proposals for the Bank’s consideration in order to meet their financing needs and various needed financial services. 

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