Bank of Palestine signs an agreement with Palestinian Red Crescent Society to launch the largest campaign to assist people with hearing disabilities and donates 100 thousand dollars for the campaign

On Wednesday 1/7/2015, Bank of Palestine signed an agreement with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society to launch the largest campaign in Palestine to assist people with hearing disabilities, under the slogan “I want to hear”, which includes financial donations to help and enable them to live like others and get involved in the Palestinian society, the Bank will donate 100 thousand dollars for the campaign.

The agreement was signed at the Palestinian Red Crescent Society office in Al-Bireh, in the presence of Mr. Rushdi Ghalayini, Deputy General Manager, Dr. Khaled Jawdeh, Palestinian Red Crescent Society General Manager, Mrs. Susan Khoury, Assistant General Manager at Bank of Palestine, Mr. Thaer Hamayel, Head of Marketing and Public Relations Department and Mr. Hatem Mustafa, Area Manager of Middle West Bank, in addition to a number of officials from the Red Crescent Society and the Bank and press and media.

Under the agreement, Bank of Palestine will provide a financial donation to people with hearing disabilities through the Palestinian Red Crescent Society in the value of 100 thousand US dollars, where the Red Crescent Society will implement a project for this purpose. The Bank, in collaboration with the Red Crescent Society, will launch the largest national campaign to encourage citizens and customers to donate for this segment, through the branches, ATMS and the electronic services provided by the Bank, such as internet banking and e-commerce, which enables citizens in Diaspora and internet users to directly donate for the campaign’s account which belongs to the Red Crescent Society from anywhere in the world, in addition to the Bank using a group of media and marketing tools to promote the campaign.

Mr. Rushdi Ghalayini expressed his contentment and pride to announce the launch of the largest humanitarian campaign to support people with hearing disabilities in Palestine; he confirmed the necessary need to provide around 1000 ear-sets mostly for children, with a price that exceeds half a million dollars.

Ghalayini added that the Bank dedicates 5% of its annual net profit for social responsibility and implements various humanitarian activities in all sectors, such as health, education, childhood, relief, culture and other sectors; the Bank also believe in partnerships with civil society institutions to implement these activities. He confirmed his strong interest in the health aspect of the social responsibility activities, including special needs, as the Bank provided various contributions to support the country’s hospitals and implemented many programs that support and enable people with special needs.

Ghalayini concluded his speech with an invitation to the institutions and individuals to help in the success of this campaign to reach its goals, through collecting more than half a million dollars to cover the existing needs, announcing that the Bank will provide 100 thousand dollars for this campaign.

Dr. Khaled Jawdeh, Palestinian Red Crescent Society General Manager, on behalf of Dr. Younis Khatib, the Society’s President, and on behalf of the Executive Office, thanked and expressed gratitude for Bank of Palestine’s Board of Directors, for the Bank’s donation for the success of this joint project, hoping that this is the beginning of continuous collaboration between the two institutions, for the benefit of the Palestinian people and the people most in need.

Dr. Jawdeh added that the Palestinian Red Crescent Society was established 46 years ago to provide humane services in both health and social aspects to the Palestinian people in the country and in Diaspora, particularly for the rehabilitation of people with disabilities; he added that the Memorandum of Understanding that was signed today will enhance the Society’s work for the benefit of our people and will open new horizons for future collaboration.

In conclusion, Dr. Jawdeh confirmed that this agreement is the first of its kind with the private sector and is a privileged national agreement for the one national Society and the first national Bank.

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