Bank of Palestine continues to organize Ramadan Iftars in Gaza, Nablus and Hebron with participation of hundreds, in cooperation with charitable associations

Bank of Palestine continues to organize a group of Ramadan Iftars in various Palestinian cities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip; this past Thursday, the Bank organized a Ramadan Iftar for the orphans from the Solidarity Charitable Association in Nablus, and will organize two Ramadan Iftars todayl the first one will take place in Hebron, with participation from more than 150 orphans from the Islamic Charitable Association, and the second one will take place in Gaza for more than 200 orphans from Al-Bait Al-Samed Association at Al-Direh Restaurant.

These Iftars confirms the Bank’s commitment towards the orphaned children in Palestine, as the Bank organized Iftars with partition of a number of officials from the charitable associations and orphanages, in addition to community representatives, area official and the Bank’s employees.

Due to its social responsibility towards all segments of the Palestinian society, particularly marginalized and deprived groups, Bank of Palestine organized a series of Ramadan Iftars in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the honor of orphaned children from charitable associations and institutes that cooperated with the bank for the success of these activities.

The Ramadan Iftars included a group of entertainment and art activities for orphaned children; it also included contests, prizes, clown and musical shows and face painting, with participation from the Banks’ employees who contributed in drawing a smile on the children’s faces.

The attendees thanked Bank of Palestine for its efforts to draw a smile on the children’s faces, and the orphaned children expressed their extreme happiness to share the Ramadan Iftar and festivities with Bank of Palestine. 

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