Bank of Palestine celebrates orphaned children of the Charitable Society in Hebron on the same Iftar table

Bank of Palestine celebrated orphaned children of the Islamic Charitable Society in Hebron governorate on the same Iftar table, as the Bank organized a Ramadan Iftar for more than 150 orphans, in the presence of Judge Hatem Bakri, President of the Islamic Charitable Society for Orphans and members of the administration board, and with participation of Mr. Hani Naser, Bank of Palestine’s Assistant General Manager for West Bank Branches, Mr. Muawiah Qawasmi, Area Manager of Southern West Bank, Mr. Thaer Hamayel, Head of Marketing and Public Relations Department and a number of employees from the branches and offices in Hebron governorate.

Mr. Hani Naswer welcomed the orphaned children, President of the Society and the members of the administration board; Naser indicated that the organization of these Iftars confirms the Bank’s commitment towards orphaned children in Palestine and is due to its social responsibility for this segment. He expressed his appreciation to the Islamic Charitable Society which greatly cooperated for the success of this charitable event.

Shaikh Hatem Bakri praised the Bank’s efforts to help the orphans and its contributions to the Ramadan Iftars it organizes; he also commended this step which is a form of collaboration and solidarity, which is needed in this Holy Month.

The Ramadan Iftar included a group of entertainment and art activities for orphaned children; it also included contests, prizes, clown and musical shows and face painting, with participation from the Banks’ employees who contributed in drawing a smile on the children’s faces.

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