Bank of Palestine concludes the series of Ramadan Iftars with participation of 3000 orphans from various governorates of the country.

As the twenty ninth of Ramadan arrives, Bank of Palestine concluded 13 Ramadan Iftars with the participation of 3000 orphaned children from various governorates of the country, considering these Iftars as a national and social responsibility and in continuation of its humanitarian message that it worked on for years, confirming its full commitment towards all segments of the Palestinian society.

The Bank confirmed that these Iftars are a duty for all companies and institutions from the private sector, as it is not just charity,; they are in continuation of the Bank’s giving journey to set an example locally and regionally through its activities and support to orphans, and represent a positive aspect of the social responsibility provided by the Bank towards all segments in the Palestinian society.

In Gaza Strip, the Bank organized a group of Ramadan Iftars from the north to the south, with participation of children from Al-Amal Association for Rehabilitation of the Disabled, Al-Fajr Association for Palestinian Youth, Al-Maghazi Association for Community  Rehabilitation, Association for the Development and Rehabilitation of the Palestinian House, Al-Amal Institute for Orphans, Baitna Association for Social Growth and Development, Al-Bait Al-Samed, Jabalya Association for Rehabilitation, Mobera AL-Rahma Association and Right to Live  Association; more than 2000 orphaned children participated in the Iftars, in the presence of the Bank’s employees.

In the West Bank, the Bank organized four Ramadan Iftars in Hebron, Ramallah, Jericho and Nablus governorate, with participation of orphaned children from Inash Al-Usra, Al-Lid Charitable Association, Charitable Solidarity Association, Islamic Charitable Association, Salfit Association and Orphan Care Association; around 1000 orphaned children, along with their teachers, in the presence of the Bank’s employees from the West Bank branches.

The Ramadan Iftars included a group of entertainment activities, contests, prizes, puppet shows and clowns who drew a smile on the children’s faces; Bank of Palestine’s employees expressed their contentment to share the blessings of this Holy Month with the orphaned children.

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