Bank of Palestine, the primary sponsor of the final game in Palestine Cup, congratulates Ahli Club for winning the Cup

Bank of Palestine, the primary sponsor of the final game in Palestine Cup, congratulated Ahli Al-Khalil Club for winning the Cup during the game held in Al-Hussein Bin Ali Stadium in Hebron with Shijaia Football Club who came from Gaza Strip for the first time in fifteen years; the Bank also praised the strong performance of Shijaia Club during the game, and congratulated the team for winning the second place in final game of the Cup.

The Bank indicated that the achievement is not the victory of one team over the other, instead, the achievement is gathering Palestinian teams from Gaza and the West Bank for the first time in fifteen years in one stadium, considering the victory for every free Palestinian athlete in Palestine and around the world. The Bank commended the efforts by the Palestinian Football Association, led by Major Jibril Rjoub, to make this dream come true.

Bank of Palestine provided its primary sponsorship to the final game in Palestine Cup, as the away game was held in Yarmouk Stadium in Gaza City, with participation of Ahli Al-Khalil Club who visited Gaza City for the first time in fifteen years, which ended in a goalless draw. The home game was held in Hebron with participation of Shijaia Club who came from Gaza to Hebron for the first time, which made the game a historic one.

This sponsorship is due to the Bank’s social responsibility and is in line with its vision to strengthen the role of Palestinian sports in positively representing Palestine locally and internationally, as the Bank participated in supporting the Palestinian sports to become an icon for the athletic Palestinian movement in the world, through various sponsorships, including Women Football Championship, sponsorship for the participation of Palestine team in the Asian Cup and Al-Bara’em League.

Bank of Palestine is the official sponsor to Ahli Al-Khalil Club since several years, in which the team became an outstanding athletic team on the national level and won the championship of “Palestine Cup 2015”. The Bank also sponsored the sports camp conducted by the club few weeks ago in Italy, within its preparations to face several Italian and International teams.

Within the context of the game, the match ended with the victory of Ahli Al-Khalil Club over Shijaia Club with two goals to one in the final home game of Palestine Cup. The game was launched with great enthusiasm from the audience who were supporting their teams; the game represented a unique sports event with the attendance of thousands of fans.

Kifah Sharif, President of Ahli Al-Khalil Club, praised the Bank’s efforts and continuous support to the Club; he indicated that the Bank is one of the Palestinian institutions that are dedicated to sports and Palestinian football. 

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