Bank of Palestine provides its sponsorships to a group of cultural festivals dedicated for Palestinian identity and revived the history and nobility of the Palestinian people

In continuation to its approach to support cultural and heritage events, and due to its social and developmental responsibility, Bank of Palestine provided its sponsorship to a series of cultural festivals that are dedicated to the Palestinian identity and to heritage events that aim to take a primary role in the social, political and economic lives, as thousands of visitors attended the festivals, between the cities of Jerusalem, Ramallah, Birzeit, Tulkarem, Bethlehem and Beitjala.

The festivals that received sponsorship from the Bank included Layali Birzeit Festival that was held at the University, Al-Bireh Fourth Festival, Jerusalem Summer Nights Festival, which is organized by the Cultural Forum Center in Beit Anan East of Jerusalem, “Wain A’a Ramallah” Festival, which concluded its activities last week and was organized by Ramallah Municipality and a number  of institutions, The Sixth Cultural Festival in Kofr Ein, Wadi Shai’r Festival in Anabta, East of Tulkarem governorate and Palestine International Festival with participation of Arab and International performances, in addition to Hayat Bethlehem Festivals, Beitjala Fourth Art Festival and Layali Betjala Festival.

The Bank’s sponsorship to these festivals aims to revive the cultural heritage of the Palestinian Arab history, culture, traditions and values. It also expresses its sincere support to all activities that push the recreational and developmental programs forward in our country. These heritage festivals are occasions with a mixture between Palestinian history and its present; they aim to confirm our Arab identity and emphasize our national heritage, preserving them for the coming generations.

The festivals witnessed significant attendance in the presence of a group Palestinian, Arab and International folkloric and heritage performances that sang to the Palestinian people and their history, in addition to the presence of poetry and prose. Other sections highlighted the various faces of popular heritage with original human creativity filled with culture from the past generations.

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