Bank of Palestine concludes its participation in the EFG Hermes 5th London MENA Conference 2015

Bank of Palestine concluded its participation in the EFG Hermes 5th London MENA Conference 2015, which was held between September 7th and September 9th 2015. This participation is in line with the Bank’s vision in regards to the need of promoting the investment environment in Palestine, and bring attention to the available and worthy opportunities in the Palestinian market, in addition, the Bank’s presence is essential in such events as it enhances its relationships with various international investors and banking institutions.

The Bank also aims through its participation in the conference to strengthen the economic relationship with financial institutions and banks, present the available investment opportunities and promote the investment opportunities in Palestine and the Bank’s shares among funds, investment companies and various financial institutions. This conference is the largest event for the promotion of investment, which focuses on the Middle East in the United Kingdoms.

More than 250 managers of investment funds participated in the conference, in addition to senior executives of top 90 listed companies in the Middle East and North Africa region; more than 3000 meetings were held during the conference.

The annual EFG Hermes Conference is the most prominent event for the financial sector around the world, with participation of hundreds of financial and economic decision makers from around the world, in addition to chief executive officers and chairmen of Banks, funds and financial institutions.

Bank of Palestine seeks through its participation in the conference to enhance its international and global presence, and to enable the Palestinian economy through networking and opening new economic horizons with various financial figures and institutions, in order to change the stereotypical image about the situation in Palestine and attract new investors, who will contribute in developing the Palestinian economy with a group of projects and enterprises, which will contribute in the reduction of unemployment  and increase development and productivity.

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