Joubran’s music thrills the audience in Zurich, Sharjah and Paris through the rapture of their three lutes

Le Trio Joubran, the international Palestinian band, and the cultural partner of Bank of Palestine, continued to hold their distinctive concerts in Belgium, Switzerland, France and the United Arab Emirates, as the band held these concerts to complement their leading role in enhancing the Arabic Palestinian culture around the world; these concerts that are attended with a large audience will entrench the Palestinian art in the most prominent stations and Arab and international art festivals, and send a message about the Palestinians who are struggling in various ways, particularly through art.

Le Trio Joubran held a grand charity concert for the Welfare Association in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, as one of the charity concerts that the band held during 2015, and was attended by hundreds of people who admired the band’s music. In Oman, the Trio held a grand concert at the Opera House in Muscat, throughout a grand festival that gathered lute artists from around the world, most prominently is the Arab artist, Abadi Jawhar, an artist with a high and young spirit. The band played music that thrilled the audience and provided a positive image about the Palestinian innovation, and the distinctive achievements of the Palestinian youth. The audience respected the music in silence and indulgence, to proceed in applauding as an expression of their admiration to this music; the band played music from “Masar, Shajan”, “Robama”, “Al-yamam”, “Sama Al Sonono” and concluded with “Safar” to hold a concert for one hour and half, drawing new chapters that reflect rays of hope to our Palestinian people.

In France, the Fairmont Hall in Paris was packed with audience who listened to the band’s motivational music, lighting the darkness of the hall with love and peace. Despite the difficult conditions that Paris lived through following the bombings that claimed the lives of dozens, Joubran’s music re-instilled the happiness and peace to the audience, as Paris is the city of light and was Le Trio Joubran’s art capital that they launched from; accordingly, Le Trio Joubran dedicated their music to the victims of the attacks, indicating that France and Palestine shed tears for the same reason.

In Switzerland, through the Jazz Segal Festival in Zurich, Le Trio Joubran participated in the festival for the third time, as the ears do no tire from listening to their music and the hearts are always filled with joy of their sound, speaking to the feelings with their rhythms, to an extent that the tickets of the concert were sold out three weeks before the concert.

Sharjah was prepared to receive Le Trio Joubran within the Sharjah Festival for Arabic Music; throughout their concert, their music competed with Darwish’s poems, to surprise the audience with the music’s amazing ability when mixed with poems, to form distinctive art that captures the listeners’ hearts, souls and feelings, due to the mixed impressions of pain and hope. Despite of the stage’s darkness, a small light shined between the band’s three lutes, spreading the feeling of hope, joy and love. The audience listened and admired the music until the end with, as they applauded and cheered in appreciation to the music; Le Trio Joubran recorded a distinctive Palestinian art station in an Arab country that appreciates Palestinian art and artists.

Shortly before the evening ended, the voice of the poet Mahmoud Darwish shined through his poem “on this earth what makes life worth living", as the band where tuning the verses of the poem to travelling music between the audience and their seats; the beautiful concert ended with their piece “Safar” that the Trio wrote 12 years ago and still travels with them to gather the admirers of Palestine.

At the end of the concert, Le Trio Joubran unified through one lute, as they surprised the audience when they all played breathtaking music using one lute, that captivated the audience in a world of lust and beauty.

During their stay in Sharjah, Le Trio Joubran met with Taksim band from Turkey, which is a popular Turkish band that plays lute, led by Husni Senlendirici; the encounter was friendly and might lead to a joint work with Le Trio Joubran.

Le Trio Joubran is currently working on writing composed music for modern dance work with the international Lebanese dance designer Omar Rajeh; this work will be ready in theaters next March in Lebanon, Paris and Vienna.

Bank of Palestine is the cultural partner for Le Trio Joubran and the sponsor to all their activities and concerts around the world; the Bank is the first sponsor from the privates sector to an international Palestinian band.

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